How to update your Suckless builds

Philip Thomas K.

29 February 20


If, like me, you use suckless utilities to run your system, you probably are wondering how to update your build of said utilities.

If you want to setup and configure a suckless utility for the first time see my previous post regarding suckless. This post assumes that your setup is the same as that in my previous tutorial.


To uppdate your build, cd into your build directory and run the following command:

git fetch

What does this do? This git command downloads all the updates from the remote repository. This done, you will have to run the following command:

git status

This git command shows how many commits behind your build is from HEAD. If you seem to be behind on many commits, you would probably want to view the commits before the next step to see what changes have been made, and whether you really want these updates or not.

If the updates are statisfactory (which they usually are), run the following command to integrate with what is effectively your branch of the project:

git pull

Now your local build has all the updates patched in. You will now have to merge in all your different patch branches, then build. The instructions are the same as it was in my previous post.

Now you have successfully updated your suckless build.

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